about me

My name is Elliot Turner, and I am a father, husband, and software entrepreneur located in Denver, CO.

I am the founder and CEO of AlchemyAPI, a leading text analytics and artificial intelligence technology company. AlchemyAPI is used by customers in over 36 countries to analyze more than 3 billion documents every month. We leverage neural network and machine learning technology to enable computers to "read" text and "see" the contents the photographs and video, giving our customers (media companies, financial services firms, online retailers, ...) the ability to automate critical tasks and draw insights from massive quantities of unstructured data.

Prior to forming AlchemyAPI I was founder and CEO of MimeStar, an enterprise network intrusion detection software company. MimeStar was acquired by Intrusion, Inc. in 2000, and our flagship SecureNet Pro software is still being sold to enterprise and government customers requiring IDS/IPS capability. We were one of the earliest providers (1995) of NIDS technology, which enabled real-time reconstruction and analysis of hundreds of thousands of simultaneous network communications streams at gigabit speeds using commodity server hardware.

My research background is in artificial intelligence, computer security, and data analytics. I've been a contributor or co-author of several books including Linux Networking Unleashed, RedHat System Administration Unleashed, and Caldera OpenLinux System Administration Unleashed.